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seamstress for the band
17 May
I once thought that I had mono for a whole year. Turns out I was just really bored.

it's my dream in this world to get a licorice dispencer on the roof of my car, and constantly drive around w/ lizjiz and a random cantonese girl we call cassandra in the back seat, singing along to "bohemian rhapsody." ah, that'd be the life.

"are you defending that ass-muncher?! come ON, rob. jesus! you're goin' soft in your old age. i'm gonna tell you something, for your own good, pal: that's the worst fucking sweater i've ever seen; it's a cosby sweater. a COSBY SWEEATERR!"
-barry (high fidelity)

"I ennnnjooooy my life"- Liz